Los Angeles, CA

Trumark Urban
Laure Joliet, This Represents

The residential experience at Ten50 begins with the lobby, and the first glimmer of inspiration came from a Raymond Chandler description of the (fictional) Treloar Building on Sixth and Olive, wherein he sums up an interior in a single phrase: “a vast black and gold lobby.”

The golden era of Downtown Los Angeles can still be spied through doorways; glimpses into once-grand lobbies of stone and intricately formed metals from the ‘30s and ‘40s. That historical echo is the underlying mood of the Ten50 entry experience.

Meshed with this golden-era sophistication is the rebirth of Downtown LA: the younger, forward-thinking, urbane professionals looking for a cosmopolitan urban experience and yearning for authenticity.

The interiors draw from and celebrate this fusion of the golden past and the fashionable and youthful present.