The Boston Conservatory | Ipswich Studios

The Boston Conservatory | Ipswich Studios
Boston, MA

The Boston Conservatory
Chuck Choi

The Boston Conservatory, the oldest Performing Arts Conservatory of its kind in the nation, recently opened its new studio building located at 132 Ipswich Street. Located a few blocks from Fenway Park, the building at 132 Ipswich houses a large orchestra rehearsal space, two dance studios, teaching studios, multi-purpose rooms and practice rooms for the instruction of movement, voice, instrument, and orchestra ensemble.

Maximizing the program space on an extremely tight budget was a challenge, and required highly efficient planning. Interaction between students and faculty, many of different disciplines, is promoted by channeling everyone through the same door and into a vertical common space, which is celebrated with a 3-story open atrium. The main 3,250 SF dance studio takes the primary position at the top of the building, with great views and natural light.

132 Ipswich was designed in collaboration with Boston-based Utile, Inc.