San Francisco, CA

Crescent Heights
Market-Rate Residential Deal of the Year | San Francisco Business Times
Bruce Damonte

Located at the corner of 10th and Market Streets adjacent to the San Francisco Civic Center district, this residential rental complex creates one of the densest developments in the city at 754 units. The 30,000 SF (2,787 m2) of amenity space includes a fitness center, swimming pool, fire pit, and billiards room. There are three landscaped terraces - on the 3rd, 11th, and 24th floors - as well as private terraces for units located on those three floors.

Composed of two high-rise towers and two mid-rise forms, NEMA is linked together in a dynamic and fluid composition that responds to the urban and pedestrian context of the district. The north tower, which rises to 387 feet, anchors the corner at 10th and Market Street and plays a key role to the identity of the project. The glass, multi-faceted exterior façade of the tower is designed to reflect the changing light of the sky which is so familiar to the experience of living in San Francisco. Set back from corner of the site, the foreground of the tower creates a natural entry plaza to the project which incorporates an art installation by Topher Delany that is composed of a series of indigenous granite stones, trees and shrubs that reflect the natural feel of a California environment.

The south tower rises to 194 feet and is composed of two rectilinear forms aligned in an east and west direction to balance the sites composition. To ensure the reading of the two volumes, each volume is expressed individually as either all glass or metal panel to create a sense of separation and movement. Along both Market Street and 10th Street, the two lower mid-rise volumes bookend the sides of the towers and help define the pedestrian scale along the street edges. Both facades are expressed in a darkish metal panel treatment creating a strong juxtaposition to the tower’s more dominate glass texture. Together the composite of these façades gives a fluidity to the project. The ground level storefronts are expressed with floor-to-ceiling glass, floating the volumes above and creating a seamless flow from streetscape to retail at the ground level.

NEMA is anticipated to be certified LEED Silver by the U.S. Green Building Council. For more information about the NEMA project, please visit the Crescent Heights website HERE.