2270 Broadway

2270 Broadway
Oakland, CA


2270 Broadway is a new 223-unit, 24-story residential tower spanning half a block in Oakland, positioned to serve as a landmark gateway between the city’s burgeoning Arts & Entertainment District and the future Broadway/Valdez Retail Corridor. The project is designed to appeal to the eclectic mix of residents that is distinctive to Oakland, from local craftsmen and small business owners, to aspiring entrepreneurs and technology professionals.

Designed as a fusion of metal, glass and concrete, the building is intended to reflect the industrial history of the city. Sleek crystal-like elements are blended with a textured grid work of metal panels, in reference to the automotive history of Broadway and the city’s legacy for ship-building.

The building is visually separated into two volumes: a long, narrow block and a singular tower, which holds the corner. These volumes are defined by a chamfer that runs the height of the building and frames the tower top. At the ground level, the pedestrian experience has been well considered, with multiple retail and residential entrances along Broadway, 23rd Street, and Webster Street. A massive angled column marks the main building entrance at the corner and becomes a defining element of the front door experience. Parking above has been screened with a folding metal panel system, and 23 floors of residential have floor-to-ceiling glass and Juliet balconies.