Washington DC

VIO at The Wharf

VIO at The Wharf
Washington, DC


Renderings by the Wharf

VIO at The Wharf is a 12-story residential development in Washington, DC, part of a new 3.2 million square foot mixed-use development being developed by Hoffman-Madison. Handel Architects’ building includes 124,000 square feet of residential rental units in 168 units, 179,000 square feet of for-sale condominiums in 130 units and 77,000 square feet of retail space on two levels, including a fitness club.

The building’s design is expressed using an industrial palette found in warehouses, docks and other waterfront structures. The building’s podium is split by a “Piazza Mews,” and further broken into smaller pavilions to break down the scale. The rhythm and feel of the podium is industrial, expressed with brick, black metal and glass, yet each of the individual pavilions is articulated differently based on the space it is facing.

Along Maine Avenue, larger scale moves read more appropriately, while “inside” along the Piazza Mews, smaller details work better with the pedestrian context. Double-faced retail lines the Piazza Mews, and wraps out and around the building, activating the mews and wharf with outdoor seating and activity. Above, landscaping spills over the podium top to meet greenery growing up and along the walls, softening the brick and metal. Bridges and walkways in a similar industrial palette span the mews and connect the pavilions.