Architectural Designer

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Office Hong Kong
Experience 3-7 Years Professional
Date Listed Sep. 2023

Handel Architects is an award-winning architecture firm founded in 1994 with locations in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Denver, and Hong Kong. Our work straddles the boundary between architecture and urban design, leveraging individual opportunities to create something greater: positive urban and social change. We believe in building sustainable, inclusive communities and bringing together talented individuals from across the world to achieve this. Our practice encourages an open design dialogue and participation among all our team members to create a fluid and collaborative environment.

We are looking for passionate architectural designers with 3-7 years of experience. This is an opportunity for creative, forward-focused designers. We offer competitive compensation, a non-competitive office culture, and a shared mission to create buildings that serve as catalysts to make positive differences in the world.


Required Qualifications

  • Experience: 3-7 years of professional experience
  • Design Proficiency: Strong design skills, showcasing a depth of expertise
  • Critical Thinking: Ability to analyze and synthesize information to develop innovative solutions
  • Team Collaboration: Strong teamwork and communication skills to effectively collaborate with colleagues
  • Self-Motivation: Proven self-driven approach, able to work independently and take ownership of tasks
  • Ideation: Capable of developing ideas with group discussion or under direction, and contributing creatively to projects
  • 3D Design: Proficiency in 3D design software such as Rhino, Sketch Up, and/or Revit
  • Plan Development: Skill in the development of plans, showing attention to detail and precision
  • Language Proficiency: Fluent in English, with preference (although not mandatory) for proficiency in Chinese (Mandarin) speaking and reading
  • Visa Requirement: No HK visa requirement preferred

Please upload your resume and portfolio in PDF format. Maximum file size 5MB.

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