Computational Design Lead

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Office New York
Experience 8-10 Years Professional
Date Listed Oct. 2022

About the Office

Handel Architects is a nationally recognized, full-service architecture, planning and interiors firm dedicated to bringing design excellence to urban environments throughout the world. We are a fast-paced and results-driven firm working from offices in New York City, San Francisco, Boston and Hong Kong, and we are looking for people that share our passion. In our collaborative open studio environment, we share ideas, engage in each other’s projects, and contribute to creating exciting and dynamic designs. Together we maintain a healthy and lively office environment, celebrating professional achievements and personal milestones.

Our office provides full benefits, including health benefits, competitive PTO, 401K match, reimbursement and mentoring for ARE and BIM certification exams and more!

About the Job

We are looking for a Computational Design Lead to help us transform our model of digital practice. We are in search of an individual who will collaborate with our in-house BIM team and sustainability experts to supercharge our design and delivery processes. You’ll get to act in a transformative capacity, helping us develop and implement strategic initiatives to improve both the way we work and the work we do. As Computational Design Lead, you will support the firm’s on-going investments in automation, interoperability, and sustainability.

An ideal candidate must be able to assess capabilities and needs on an on-going basis, and take ownership of a strategic plan for continuous improvement. This will require research into emerging hardware and software technologies, hands-on work with project teams, teaching and learning, building custom in-house tools, and - above all else - a passion for architecture and technology.

The position is best filled by an energetic, organized, and self-motivated individual with a passion for solving big problems. Initially, you will be responsible for taking ownership of several in-progress initiatives, with the expectation that you will grow into the role and launch your own over time.


  • Developing and maintaining computational design workflows to accelerate or automate design and documentation processes
  • Supporting project teams’ bespoke computational design needs through a mix of hands-on project work and/or project consultations
  • Documenting workflows and on-going initiatives
  • Researching new and emerging technologies with a critical eye for value generators
  • Working with IT to support physical and digital office infrastructure as needed
  • Developing and maintaining custom in-house plugins and add-ons (Grasshopper and Revit)
  • Performing regular survey assessments of employee skill levels and training needs
  • Conducting in-house training workshops to upskill employees
  • Developing and maintaining firm-wide resources and standards
  • Leading Handel Architects’ multi-office “Computational Design” Employee Resource Group
  • Managing our Inter-Disciplinary Computer Science Summer Internship Program


  • Degree in Architecture or related field
  • 8-10 years of relevant experience with computational design work and process management
  • Understanding of design process, with portfolio demonstrating computational workflows and project implementation
  • Proficiency in Rhino/Grasshopper and Revit/ Dynamo
  • Willingness and ability to acquire/ develop new technical skills through self-directed research and online learning
  • Ability to bridge between technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Proficiency in Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong organizational and communication skills. Must be able to multitask and self-manage, prioritizing responsibilities to effectively meet deadlines

Additional Skills

  • Experience with Rhino.Inside.Revit is a plus
  • Some experience in C#, Python, or other programming languages is a plus
  • Experience working with software APIs and Visual Studio is a plus
  • Familiarity with advanced modeling concepts (SubD, DirectShape, etc) is a plus
  • Interest in User Interface design and related concepts is a plus
  • Understanding of programming concepts (OOP, Git, functional programming, etc) is a plus
  • Familiarity with Sharepoint and/or PowerApps is a plus

Please submit resume and portfolio in PDF formats.

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