Type Case Study
Topic Sustainable Design
Date Published October 30, 2017
The House at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island in New York City is Certified Passive House as well as being LEED Platinum.

Greenpoint Landing in Brooklyn is certified by the Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines (WEDG®) program.

Sustainable - Nove Leed Pl
NOVE, San Francisco: LEED Platinum
Sustainable - 2712 Broadway Leed Pl
2712 Broadway, LEED Platinum
Sustainable - One Eleven Leed G
OneEleven, Chicago: LEED Gold
Sustainable Design Ten Thousand
Ten Thousand, Los Angeles: LEED Gold
Sustainable - Territoria El Bosque Leed G
Territoria El Bosque, Santiago: LEED Gold
Sustainable - Millennium Tower Bpc Leed G
Millennium Tower Residences, New York City: LEED Gold
Sustainable -Nema Leed S
NEMA, San Francisco: LEED Silver
Sustainable Design 225 East 39Th
House 39, New York City: LEED Silver
Sustainable - Corner Leed S
The Corner, New York City: LEED Silver
Sustainable - Alto El Golf Leed S
Alto El Golf, Santiago: LEED Silver
Sustainable - Easton Leed S
The Easton and the Windward School, New York City: LEED Silver
Sustainable - Riverwalk7 Leed S
Riverwalk 7, New York City: LEED Silver
Sustainable - 170 Amsterdam Leed
170 Amsterdam, New York City: LEED Certified
Sustainable - Rosewood Leed
Rosewood, Abu Dhabi, UAE: LEED Certified
Sustainable - Millennium Place Leed
Millennium Place, Boston: LEED Certified