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November 25, 2019

Handel Architects is a proud supporter of Historic Boston Incorporated (HBI)

Historic Boston Inc. redevelops at-risk historic buildings in order to help Boston’s neighborhoods thrive. Handel Architects is happy to support the work of Historic Boston Incorporated (HBI). Since 1...

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November 04, 2019

Handel Architects shows its support for DOCOMOMO, dedicated to conserving our Modernist history

Event to celebrate the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice. Handel Architects is a Teak Level supporter of DOCOMOMO US's fundraising event, A Modern Affair, honoring the Ford Foundation Center f...

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October 31, 2019

Handel Architects gets a Pathetic Consolation (Honorable Mention) at Pumpkitecture 2019!

Handel Architects Team Competes for the Pritzkerpumpkin. The Center for Architecture kicked off Halloween at its fourth-annual Pumpkitecture! Architectural Pumpkin Carving Competition on October 25. 1...

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October 25, 2019

Handel Architects supports the AIA at the 2019 Heritage Ball!

Handel Architects is proud to continue its longstanding support of the AIA. The Heritage Ball serves as the single largest funding source for the Center for Architecture and allows it to fulfill its m...

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October 22, 2019

Handel Architects joins Bike to Hope event in Petaluma

Handel Architects Joins in Support of Fighting Life-Threatening Illnesses Five bikers from Handel Architects' San Francisco office participated in this year's Bike to Hope event. There was record atte...

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