706 Mission - The Mexican Museum

Client 706 Mission Co
Location San Francisco, CA
Project Type Residential, Mixed-Use
Status Under Construction

706 Mission - The Mexican Museum takes design cues from the adjacent Aronson Building and the linear forms in the plaza below.

706 Mission - The Mexican Museum, is a 43-story residential tower and museum in downtown San Francisco. The tower will house 128 residential units, as well as space for the Mexican Museum on levels one through four. The tower and museum will connect to the adjacent 1903 Aronson Building, an historic building that is being restored and rehabilitated as part of the project. The Aronson building will house space for the museum on levels two through four, and 18 residential units on levels 5 through 10.

The massing of 706 Mission was carved to form a series of alternating glass and masonry volumes, creating vertical strips of material that are meant to relate to the linear landscaping of the Jessie Square plaza on which the tower fronts. Taken together, the plaza and tower create a seamless connection of this expression. The vertical masonry that runs the length of the tower was also organized to visually connect with the strong vertical expressions of brick and terracotta of the Aronson Building next door. At the tower's corner's, 

Full glass allows for expansive views from main living spaces. At the ground level of the project, the re-purposed Aronson building will help to maintain the existing pedestrian rhythm and scale.

Aronson Building 4

Handel Architects' work includes the adaptive reuse and restoration of the historic Aronson Building next door.


Design Architect Interior Designer Architect of Record

Design Partner(s)

Museum Design - TEN Arquitectos