Forte Mixed-Use

The Forte Mixed-Use development is anchored by shimmering office tower, inspired by the movement of water.

The Forte Mixed-Use Development is a new 4.7 million sq.ft. (429,000 SM) project on four sites in the new Jinan Central Business District of Jinan, Shandong, China. When complete, the project will include a mix of office, serviced apartments, retail, supermarket, food court, bus terminal, and parking for over 1,400 cars. The basement will provide connections to two new subway stations.

The 853-foot (260 meters) tall office tower creates a new architectural landmark, with a façade inspired by the quiet movement and reflective quality of water in a serene lake. The glass undulates along the face of the building, using a shifting color metal frame motif that accentuate the effect at different scales and creates various reflections around the building. The podium responds to the water theme, using variations of solidity and glass to create a rhythmic movement.

The project master plan uses open space to encourage community gatherings and events to celebrate the spirit of the lake and old Jinan city’s courtyard formation. At the northern end of the development, the office tower is joined by smaller office towers and residential buildings, creating a high-density environment and joining the residential urban fabric to the south.



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