We inform design decisions through technology.

We develop computational tools that provide insight for sustainable design.

Our mission is to create an environment where computational design is leveraged to enhance our built environment. By performing design validation using computational simulation and analysis, conducting research on applications for emerging technologies, and nurturing computational ideas within the office, our team helps projects reach their objectives.

We collaborate using BIM to support our iterative and data-driven design process.

Our team specializes in developing and managing data for the built environment to produce and coordinate project deliverables. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is our choice for project documentation and design coordination. Our team leverages intelligent, parametric modeling processes informed by data-rich environments.

We connect data driven workflows.

We visualize a sustainable future for all.

A digital environment provides a foundation for understanding a design from concept through construction documentation. As teams provide updates in real-time, 2D and 3D assets provide updates and graphics are produced to illustrate design intent, material, texture, and quality. Access to the latest virtual digital environments provide our teams and clients a more immersive and experiential design review process.

Join the digital transformation!

Our efforts provide innovation including revolutions in design technology.

We are transforming from 2D drawings from the past to intelligent models and digital twins, while gaining insight to real world building performance before the project is built.

Team tools, workflows, goals, objectives.