The connection with the spaces we inhabit is more than physical.

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We make people feel at home anywhere.

Thirty stories above a bustling avenue; a quiet townhouse overlooking a tree-lined side street; old-world mansion-style living, reinvented for the 21sth-century city: Handel’s residential interiors run the gamut, and their custom details, fixtures, and finishes are as fresh as they are timeless.

We believe everything starts with a sense of welcome.

The lobby is where the experience of any building interior really begins—and Handel’s lobbies make sure that journey starts the right way, with spacious reception areas, atmospheric lighting, and art-clad walls that set the tone for everything that follows.

Our team opens the door to hospitality.

Handel’s hotel interiors capture the mood of the city they’re located in, while hitting the market niche their operators are aiming for. Whether it’s luxury or boutique, intimate or extravagant, we make every property a destination.

We help companies make their mark.

Award-winning spaces that bring brands into focus and leave a lasting impression: for thirty years, Handel has been an industry leader for interiors that people want to be in, play in, and come home to.