We look for solutions that can have an impact beyond the project, that can move the needle in some way and contribute to society and culture.

Our design process is open, interactive, and collaborative.

We believe that great design need not be created through arrogance and ego, but in a way that can sustain us all and allow each of us to grow and learn.

Great ideas can come from anyone on the team, and design inspiration from a range of sources, including art, science, history or philosophy.

We are committed partners.

Handel Architects embraces a responsibility to make our projects a success. This has resulted in an exceptionally high rate of repeat clients, as well as lifelong relationships that we value highly.

Our work for the Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, California, spanned 19 years; our work for The Boston Conservatory in Boston included an institutional master plan and two performance buildings.

We believe deeply in the importance of designing sustainably.

Sustainable design is at the core of our practice. Handel Architects has brought sustainability standards to new markets around the world, including groundbreaking Passive House buildings in the U.S., the first LEED Gold office building in Chile, and the first LEED Gold condominium building in New York City.

We believe immigration makes America stronger.

Handel Architects is grateful for the contributions that immigrants make in our society. We employ staff from dozens of countries and our firm is stronger because of it.

In 1948, President Truman addressed a nation grappling with its identity, in a Special Message to the Congress on Civil Rights:

"Throughout our history men and women of all colors and creeds, of all races and religions, have come to this country to escape tyranny and discrimination. Millions strong, they have helped build this democratic Nation and have constantly reinforced our devotion to the great ideals of liberty and equality. With those who preceded them, they have helped to fashion and strengthen our American faith."

This is truly our American story. We encourage everyone to explore New York City's Tenement Museum, which tells the story of Immigration in America.

Upcoming Conferences & Events

2020 1 Oct
2020 AIA/ACSA Intersections Research Conference

Carbon + Cities: Energy Modeling and High Performance Design

Senior Associate Ryan Lobello will present lessons learned from Handel Architects' Passive House projects followed by a live discussion with participants during this virtual workshop.

2020 24 Sep
Green Building United

Bending the Curve: Four case studies showcasing the adaptability of Passive House design

Senior Associate Ryan Lobello and Associate Louis Koehl will explore the adaptability of Passive House standards by comparing four of Handel Architects' Passive House projects in this AIA-accredited webinar.

2020 22 Sep
New York Law School Center for Real Estate Studies

Climate Change: Impact and Responses for Real Estate Investors, Owners, and Tenants

As part of NYC Climate Week 2020, Principal Deborah Moelis will join a panel discussion hosted by New York Law School's Center for Real Estate Studies. Discussion will focus on the impact of climate change on the built environment.

We are invested in our communities and the partnerships we've created.

Read about our Fifth Street Farm project

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