Gary Handel to Join ULI New York Panel on Housing

Discussion titled "High-Design, Mixed-Income, Multi-Scale: New Urban Housing in Greater New York"

High-design for residential in New York City has been traditionally associated with boutique, high-end projects as a way of marketing a small amount of product to high-income tenants. Today, however, a newer generation of complexes around the city feature high-quality design for projects with a decidedly larger (but still mixed) set of scales, outside of the traditional high-end Manhattan and Brooklyn cores. These projects feature designs built around public space, smart urban strategies, and housing designed to accommodate a range of incomes – all complementing parts of long-standing New York neighborhoods recently coming into their own as very desirable places to live. Each of these projects has also featured the close collaboration of multiple developers and designers to create high-quality urban precincts and examples of responsible development.

Join ULI-NY as we feature an evening with pairs of designers-and-developers as they discuss the futures of these remarkable projects.

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