Handel Architects holds annual Mentorship Mixer!

The New York office recently kicked off its 2023-2024 Mentorship Program with a series of activities to encourage team-building and collaboration.

Handel Architects' Mentorship Program aims to provide a framework for employees to support each other's professional development and career growth through collaboration, learning, personal growth, and accountability to one another.

The week started with a mentorship breakfast, where everyone had a chance to meet their teams for a 3-day scavenger hunt. Teams were tasked with a variety of challenges from finding nearby Handel Architects buildings, to meeting new coworkers for lunch. Festivities then concluded with our Mentorship Mixer, complete with food, drinks, and a paper tower construction competition!

Some highlights from the Scavenger Hunt:

Visit a nearby Handel Architects project

Get a coffee with a coworker you have never spoken to before

Grab lunch with your scavenger hunt team

Take a photo with someone who went to the same school as you

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