Handel Architects is Proud to be a Long-Standing Supporter of the Tenement Museum

Handel Architects is proud to support the Tenement Museum.

The Tenement Museum is a critical cultural institution. The Museum celebrates the stories that define what it means to be American through the personal experiences of individuals and families who lived in our collection of buildings on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. We share stories of the immigrant and migrant experience through immersive guided tours, educational content and programs, and thought leadership, with one important goal — to advance the understanding of immigration and to highlight its role in the ongoing creation of our nation.

Many non-profits faced challenging years during the pandemic, and the Tenement Museum transformed those challenges into opportunities, pursuing new lines of research and creating new virtual programs during the physical closure, and reopening with new tours last spring. This energetic, inventive spirit continued even as they welcomed visitors back to the tenements, with an emphasis on scholarly research to enhance ongoing tours and planning new exhibits all with the aim of sharing an even deeper and richer history of New York City. Part of that research involved a return to their archives to find recipes and cookbooks that show how immigrant and migrant foodways not only taste good, but also provide insight on how families adapted to New York City and shaped its restaurants, cuisine, and culture.

Learn more about the Tenement Museum HERE.

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