Please Join Handel Architects in Supporting the St. Vincent’s Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya

Date Published February 28, 2013
Category Company News

The St. Vincent Maisha Bora Centre is an orphanage outside of Nairobi, Kenya housing over 35 children, and caring for numerous more through its outreach services. Run by Sister Mary Jane Orioki, the orphanage has existed since 2003, supporting itself on both donations and a small income producing farm nearby which the orphanage recently purchased. However, tensions surrounding upcoming elections in Kenya have forced the landowner of both the orphanage and farm to insist that the entire debt be paid off immediately.

The Handel family has initiated this private campaign which we manage with 100% oversight of funds. In addition, we will pay the nominal FundRazr fee, ensuring that 100% of your donation will reach the orphanage. Please help us save this important institution by donating, or by liking and sharing us on Facebook.

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