3303 Water Street

Client EastBanc, ING Real Estate
Location Washington, DC
Status Completed in 2004

3303 Water Street offers a modern interpretation of Georgetown's industrial past.

Located in historic Georgetown on a sloping site between the Potomac River and the C&O Canal, 3303 Water Street reflects the area’s industrial past while providing high-end amenities and stylish, loft-like floor plans.

The L-shaped building presents a broad face along the towpath of the canal, and looks beyond the canal into the quaint brick and stone architecture of Georgetown. The crook of the L-shape cradles an existing electrical substation building, which created an opportunity for townhouse-style duplexes with secluded backyards; the duplexes are a reinterpretation of a typical Georgetown row house pattern. As part of the project, the roof of the substation was converted into a greenroof, creating a visual amenity for building residents. Looking over the greenroof, the building enjoys amazing views of the Potomac River and the Kennedy Center. The project also includes a cantilevered rooftop swimming pool.

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3303 Water employs brick, black metal, and precast concrete to evoke the material elements of an industrial building and respond to its historic context.

The building also integrates substantial amounts of exterior glass to provide views and light. The windows help to maintain the industrial neighborhood character by incorporating crisp details of true divided light, with black metal frames and mullions.

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2008 Housing Design Award - Boston Society of Architects / AIA New York 2007 Multifamily Pillar of the Industry Award - National Association of Home Builders 2005 Residential Design Award - AIA/DC and Washingtonian


Design Architect Architect of Record Interior Designer

Design Partner(s)

Associate Architect - Frank Schlesinger Associates


Lester Ali Maxwell MacKenzie