Alto El Golf

Client Inmobiliaria Atacama
Location Santiago, Chile
Status Completed in 2013

Alto El Golf is composed of a series of irregularly scaled, shifted volumes stacked on top of one another.

Alto El Golf is a 312,000 sq. ft. (29,000 m²) office building in the El Golf section of Santiago. For this project, we strove to rethink the standard office typology, instead creating a series of outdoor working spaces that would take advantage of Santiago’s mild climate while encouraging interaction. This approach replaces the static hierarchies of the hermetic box with a variety of outdoor terraces that allow for greenery.

Surrounded by the mountains of the Andes, Santiago has grown its commercial and residential projects vertically, taking advantage of the unprecedented views. Most of this growth has occurred over the past 20 years and the architecture has been contemporary in style. Alto El Golf is in an area that has realized this growth and the project is in keeping with the modern style and scale that the area is known for.

Alto El Golf 1

The site is surrounded by streets on three of its sides, generating an isle condition with lots of exposure.

The building is a series of irregularly scaled, shifted volumes that replace the static hierarchies of the hermetic box, creating a variety of outdoor terraces that allow for greenery and interaction. The building is representative of the changing nature of the workplace environment, where utilizing these types of spaces is an integral part of the working day.

The exterior skin a floor-to-ceiling curtainwall system. The fenestration on the glass wall is delineated in a contemporary expression of vertical fins on two varying rhythmic patterns, creating visual interest across the pattern.


Design Architect Interior Designer

Design Partner(s)

Architect of Record - Plannea Arquitectura Don Carlos


Nicolas Saieh


LEED Silver