Client Gotham Organization, RBSCC, Urbane Development
Location New York City, NY
Status Concept Only

Arras brings Passive House design to East New York.

Arras is a 100% affordable mixed-use residential project proposed in the East New York section of Brooklyn. It was designed to serve as a model of a socially transformative and environmentally conscious design.

Arras includes 326 affordable homes, 13,100 SF of community-focused retail space occupied by locally-based neighborhood retailers, and approximately 20,500 SF of community facility space with curated programming to meet the needs of the project’s tenants and the East New York community as a whole.

Arras was designed to be Passive House, which means that it would operate at the utmost level of energy efficiency and help support New York City’s goal to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050. The Passive House standard will provide residences with increased interior environmental comfort, acoustical comfort, and improve resident productivity and health.

Residential units are planned to offer ample living and sleeping spaces, distributed to allow for a variety of unit types. Efficient units allow the project to offer greater levels of affordability, while the varied unit mix enables it to provide housing opportunities for an array of residents, including seniors and formerly homeless veterans.

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Concept Design


Jim Piatt