Banco Santander Headquarters

Client Territoria, Banco Santander
Location Santiago, Chile
Status Under Construction

Banco Santander Headquarters will demonstrate a commitment to corporate citizenship at the highest levels.

The Banco Santander Headquarters is Handel Architects’ groundbreaking new 800,000 SF commercial office building in Santiago, Chile. The building embodies our firm’s aspirations for a sustainable future, a more humane workplace, and an enlightened relationship between corporate institutions and the societies that they serve.

Located along Américo Vespucio Avenue and adjacent to a linear greenway used for walking and biking, the building will be a vertical urban campus. The design takes advantage of Santiago’s mild climate by integrating the indoors and outdoors, visually expressed in balconies that define the exterior, as well as a central garden space that is lined with retail. This “opening up” to the outside will reduce the building’s reliance on active mechanical systems – and the fossil fuels that power them - in order to dramatically improve the quality of the work environment. By giving everyone who works in the building access to outdoor spaces, natural light, fresh air, nature, and views, we can improve worker satisfaction and productivity at the same time that we improve their health & wellness.

At the building’s base, a variety of spaces will be open to the public, creating a dynamic interface between the institution and the community at large.

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Design Architect

Project Team

Gary Handel, Rick Kearns, Jessica Levine, Louis Koehl, Benjamin Hayes, John Hsu, Maria Stanciu

Design Partner(s)

Executive Architect - Mas Arquitectos


FAZ Arquitectos