Xin Dian

Client CDC
Location Taipei City, Taiwan
Project Type Residential
Status Under Construction

Xin Dian combines the convenience of urban living with an expansive feeling of openness.

Xin Dian is a new residential tower currently under construction in the southern part of New Taipei City, Taiwan. The project contains 144 residential units, amenities, and ground-level retail.

The site is bounded by two distinct geographies: to the north and west, the tower has unobstructed views, looking out over the low-rise portion of the city, while to the east and south, the tower looks to adjacent high-rise structures. This prominent position, as a gateway between the two geographies, called for a building that was distinctive and reflective of the duality of the site.

To express this, façade treatments vary depending on the building face: the low-rise facing façade is expressed in a more horizontal language, while the high-rise facing side is expressed more vertically. The result is a light and airy building, expressed in clean, modern lines.



Design Architect

Design Partner(s)

Architect of Record - KHL Architects Interior Designer - LWM Architects + Shanghai Yue jie