KunYu Office Building

Client Forte
Location Changsha, China
Status Under Construction

The KunYun Office Building offers extensive outdoor space in a series of terraces.

The KunYu Office Building is a new 546,000 sq.ft. (50,700 SM) office and retail building located in the burgeoning city of Changsha. The building sits just off of the Xiang River and has been sited to take advantage of the stunning views. When viewed from the river, each of the two primary faces has been shaped to resemble a sail, creating a presence on the waterfront.

The building is shaped to respond to the local context, respecting the sunlight requirements for adjacent buildings. The result is a shorter massing in a chevron shape. The design approach takes advantage of the restrictions by creating terraces with extensive outdoor space and green roofs. The terraces become a defining feature of the building, and set it apart in the crowded office marketplace. Below, 118,400 sq.ft. (11,000 SM) of retail occupies floors one to three. Much of this space has been designed to be open to the sky, creating opportunities for outdoor dining.

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