Porte-Cochère at The Statler Hotel at Cornell University

Client Cornell University
Location Ithaca, New York
Status Completed in 2022

The new porte-cochère at Cornell's Statler Hotel is anchored by a glass and steel canopy.

Handel Architects worked with Cornell University to redesign the porte-cochère at The Statler Hotel, a Four Diamond campus teaching hotel that serves as the front door to the Ithaca campus. The existing porte-cochère was anchored by a canopy that was heavy and dated, and which also concealed the entryway to the hotel. The new design creates a more welcoming and inspiring entrance experience through a newly organized driveway, anchored by a dynamic new canopy.

The canopy is steel and glass, and rests on an exposed concrete pylon, which itself sits in a newly landscaped island. The canopy support seems to disappear as it connects to the hotel building, giving the overall appearance of lightness. New signage was added, as well as new cladding and entrance doors at the entryway.

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Design Architect Architect of Record

Project Team

Blake Middleton, Elga Killinger, Shima Miabadi


Simon Wheeler