Gotham Point Interiors

Client Gotham & Riseboro Community Partnership
Location New York City, New York
Project Type Interiors
Status Completed in 2022

Interiors at Gotham Point embrace the material palate of the waterfront.

Gotham Point is a new million square foot development across two towers along a new 10-acre park lining the Queens waterfront. Developed by Gotham and senior housing developer Riseboro Community Partnership, the project marks the last major development in the transformation of this waterfront area of Long Island City into a vibrant and sustainable mixed-use community. Residential amenities include a fitness center, a variety of outdoor areas, lounges, and co-working spaces. 75% of the units will be affordable, and nearly 100 units have been set aside specifically for seniors. Senior units have their own dedicated amenities, including lounge, library, community space, and outdoor patio.

Inspired by the adjacent Hunter's Point South Park and the East River beyond, the interior design approach was guided by an effort to integrate the space with its natural surroundings. Floor to ceiling glass invites the exterior greenspace inside, while numerous indoor/outdoor spaces spill into the landscaping. Drawing from this unique location, interiors are characterized by organic, undulating forms, natural textures, and curving lines. Materials such as wood and stone were carefully selected to echo the unique biome of the river park and the habitat that emerges with the ebb and flow of the tides.

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Entry spaces are characterized by natural wood, curving shapes, and circular light fixtures.

The main residential lobby offers a seamless transition from the park outside. Upon entering, residents are greeted by a reception desk crafted from curved wood and concrete, echoing the curves of walls and wood ceiling canopies that feature throughout. Decorative wood slats offer an organic choreography on the walls, enhancing the sense of movement through the space.

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Senior residents enjoy a private entrance from 56th Avenue.

Residents enter through floor-to-ceiling glass doors with an undulating wood canopy that gracefully expands overhead, mirroring the path into the building. Structural columns clad in white stone are illuminated by soft downlights, allowing the ceiling canopy to appear to float above. Artwork by local artists hangs above custom freestanding mailboxes crafted in wood to compliment the ceiling feature.

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Rounded, wood-clad mailboxes stand like furniture beneath circular lights.

A transparent glass partition enables views to extend through the building, providing a glimpse into an adjacent amenity space and allowing the park's verdant landscape to characterize the interior.

Amenity spaces are orchestrated to provide moments of gathering and moments of respite.

Amenity spaces are thoughtfully arranged to offer residents places to gather and engage in conversation, marked by decorative light fixtures suspended overhead, or places to retreat. Rounded furnishings echo the organic forms found throughout the space, while the reoccurring wood ceiling canopy creates a sense of continuity and harmony. Floor-to-ceiling steel and glass walls serves as a permeable barrier, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor realms and fostering an intimate connection to the surrounding landscape.

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A dedicated co-working space is enveloped by sculptural wood features.

A gently rounded bench emerges from the wall while dark stone offsets the wood's smooth curves with a natural texture. Warm backlighting and dark base baseboards allow the room's architectural pieces to appear floating, lending the space an ethereal lightness.

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Lush views above the tree canopy accent the space and provide a soft contrast to the room's angular features.

A variety of seating configurations facilitates both collaborative and solitary workflows, while a glass room to the left offers dedicated meeting space.
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Above, units continue the building's elemental palette, with kitchens defined by wood cabinetry and stone backsplashes.

Apartments are framed by dramatic views of the river and Manhattan beyond.

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Handel Architects designed Gotham Point with red brick and glass reveals to break apart the massing.


Interior Designer Design Architect Architect of Record

Project Team

Gary Handel, Amar Sen, Krista Armstrong, Nathalia Camacho, Yuan-Yu Chen, Carolina Clemente, Boden Davies, Rachael Kalousdian, Joong Kim, Juhyun Kim, Mark Yu-Chen Lien, Jonathan Morefield, Hsin-Yin Tu, Kai Yu Yu, Shengkan Zhang


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