Guangzhou Show Theater

Client Wanda
Location 广州市, China
Project Type Public & Cultural
Status Concept Only

Handel Architects created five distinct schemes for The Guangzhou Show Theater, each based on a different element of the local natural environment.

This new multipurpose theater for the city of Guangzhou contains 2,000 seats in roughly 323,000 SF. Handel Architects created five schemes, with two of these selected for further refinement.

The first, called, Baiyun Mountain, is based on the famous mountain which is viewable from Guanzhou. After rainstorms, a wreath of clouds often encircle the mountaintops, and become a spectacle in their own right, which drove the imagery for the concept. The second, Pearl in Shell, is based on the famous Pearl River that flows through Guangzhou; the image of the pearl is an enduring one in the city.



Design Architect