Hollywood Center

Client MP Los Angeles
Location Los Angeles, CA
Status In Design

Hollywood Center is designed to complement the unique architecture of the iconic Capitol Records Building, which abuts the site.

The Hollywood Center Project is a new residential and open space project near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles. The two sites are centered on Vine Street, and are immediately adjacent to the historic Capitol Records Building, as well as one terminus of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 4.5 acre site will include a 35-story high-rise building, a 46-story high-rise building, and two 11-story mid-rise buildings. Of the 1,005 new residential units created, 133 will be set aside for very-low and extremely-low income seniors, which is one of the largest complements of on-site affordable housing within a market-rate development in the history of Los Angeles.

The architecture of Hollywood Center is distinct from, yet responds to, the modernist architectural character of the Capitol Records Building and the greater Hollywood neighborhood. The proposed buildings have been located and shaped to preserve important views of the Capitol Records Building and to promote compatibility between new construction and the historic Capitol Records Complex. The West and East Buildings draw inspiration for their articulation from the Capitol Records Building. The West and East Buildings, together with the Capitol Records Building, are asymmetrically centered on Vine Street, highlighting the Capitol Records Building’s prominence. The facades of the West and East Buildings that face the Capitol Records Building and the Hollywood Hills have been designed to curve softly to respond to the form of the Capitol Records Building while maximizing the width of view corridors into and through the project site. These curved exterior walls of the West and East Buildings also include serrated balconies intended to evoke the signature sunshades of the Capitol Records Building. The remaining façades, which face south towards Hollywood, adopt the rectilinear language of the City’s grid and its more traditional buildings.

The West and East Senior Buildings also serve important functions within the urban context, and are intended to anchor the outward-facing edges of the project, acting as gateways to the site. Their scale picks up on the typical mid-rise height seen throughout the greater Hollywood area. By fronting on Ivar Avenue and Argyle Avenue, these buildings are designed to have an “outward looking” circulation, encouraging the residents to engage with their surrounding community, in addition to making use of the project’s publicly accessible open spaces.

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Design Architect Architect of Record

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Gary Handel, Matthew Breau

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