Client Skanska
Location Washington, DC
Status Under Construction

OZMA connects residents to greenspace through a variety of pocket parks that line the perimeter.

OZMA is a new through-block multifamily residential development located in Washington, DC’s burgeoning NoMA neighborhood. The design flips the traditional DC interior courtyard by placing the greenspace on the outside of the building perimeter, creating pocket park amenities for residents. Though one structure, the building is split into two separately branded residences. OZMA, which occupies the western portion of the site, contains 275 for rent units and opens up onto M Street as well as the NoMa Meander, a linear greenspace that bisects the block and continues into the adjacent blocks.

OZMA is distinguished by large expanses of glass separated by strong vertical metal banding, creating giant picture windows for residents. Viewed from the outside, the bronze banding is accentuated by green accents on the glass, giving the façade a visual punch. The bands are carried down to the ground floor where they define the different ground floor spaces.

Inside, the project offers Zen-like tranquility in a variety of interconnected spaces. The lobby is a light-filled room that uses natural materials and subtle screening. Columns have been turned into set pieces through the use of bold tiling, while the "teacup" is a pod-like private area clad in vertical wood planks with space for meetings or quiet reflection. A tea room offers tranquility with day beds and that have views to the outside.

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Design Architect Architect of Record Interior Designer

Project Team

Gary Handel, David Margolis, Selina Kwan, Alfred To, Andrew Oberst, Carlos Planchart, Changhee Park, Christopher Taurasi, Juhee Chung, Meari Kim, Mengjiao Zhang, Rachael Kalousdian, Ryan Wilson, Shaun Shih