Parcel A2

Client Peebles
Location Boston, MA
Status Concept Only

A2's massing dramatically overhangs the highway, framing a new public terrace overlook.

Handel Architects' design for Parcel A2 is designed to transform the South Boston Waterfront site into a generator of activity and a destination for employees, visitors, and the community at large. It includes over 400,000 sq.ft. of office space as well as retail and cultural uses.

A2's architectural expression is formed by a hyper-energy efficient building façade of tessellated metal and glass, designed to serve as a distinct and compelling presence in a district dominated by glassy office buildings. It was also designed to challenge conventional practice in energy efficiency by aspiring to meet Passive House principles, one of the highest energy efficiency design protocols in the world. As a result, the interior environment would meet the highest standards for a healthy and creative environment for the public and tenants.

The limited column, high ceiling plan allows traditional perimeter offices and well as an open-office plan with cluster collaboration nodes. In the podium, retail and cultural components bolster the activity of the site, all clustered around the atrium office lobby.

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Landscape Architect - OLIN