South Boston Cableway

Client MP Boston
Location Boston, MA
Project Type Public & Cultural
Status Concept Only

This aerial cable-propelled urban mass transit system adds substantial new capacity to an area of Boston drastically underserved by public transportation options.

This proposal is a result of a comprehensive two-year transportation study which concluded that the cableway is the most effective and cost efficient solution for enhancing mobility and unlocking the development potential in the South Boston Waterfront. The system is designed to allow for expansion over time to serve additional areas.

By adding new capacity above existing infrastructure, the South Boston Cableway will glide passengers from South Station to the far reaches of the South Boston Waterfront in minutes regardless of traffic congestion below.

Featuring seventy 10-person cabins, the cable propelled transit system (CPT) will move continuously with a cabin arriving at a station every 8.5 seconds and transport up to 4,000 passengers per hour in peak direction – the equivalent of over 50 buses without creating additional surface congestion or carbon emissions.

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Conceptual Design

Design Partner(s)

Traffic Engineer - VHB