Tai-Jia Residences

Client Tai-Jia Development
Location Tainan City, Taiwan
Status In Design

The Tai-Jia Residences frames views of the park and river through enormous picture windows.

The Tai-Jia Residences is a new 124-unit development in two towers located in Tainan City's Jiufenzi Redevelopment Zone. The project sits adjacent to extensive wetlands, in between two major tributaries, the Yanshui River and the Kanan Irrigation System. The openness of the surrounding landscape provides amazing views to the parkland and out to the ocean.

The Tai-Jia Residences was designed as a grand picture window that frames the park and river to the west, while also symbolizing the building's forward-looking approach. Balconies float within the frames to create a strong horizontal impression and a clean design.

A private outdoor swimming pool overlooks the open entrance plaza on the south side of the site, maximizing its southern sun exposure and hovering over the vehicular access. Residents are welcomed by a large entrance framed by overhanging canopies on the ground plaza; double-height glass walls create a sense of grandeur.

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A 30,000 sq.ft. landscaped garden breaks the rectangular design of the architecture with organic sculptural forms, and creates a space for repose and play within the development.

The clubhouse on the ground floor opens into this garden, blurring the indoor-outdoor boundaries and providing an additional open-air space for residents, while also connecting the residences to the riverside park.


Design Architect

Design Partner(s)

Associate Architect - W.M.Chang Architects, Associates & Planners