Taipei Twin Towers

Client Kuoyang Construction Co Ltd
Location Taipei City, Taiwan
Status Concept Only

The Taipei Twin Towers create a new mixed-use intermodal destination.

The Taipei Twin Towers project is a proposed 5M sq.ft. (472,000 SM) mixed-use development located in the Zhongzheng District in downtown Taipei. The development includes office, hotel, and retail above an airport express train station, creating a portal from Taipei to the rest of the world.

618,000 sq.ft. (57,500 SM) of public open space is split between at-grade lawns and a series of sky decks that connect the podiums of the two towers. The sky decks are designed to provide the public with a great view of the lawn spaces, ideal for public events, with plenty of F+B options in the adjacent podiums. The podiums themselves include nearly 1M sq.ft. of retail, F+B, and cultural uses.

The two towers, with 3.7M sq.ft. of office space between them, create a significant presence on the skyline with fluid forms that create a graceful expression. Inspired by a pair of wings, each tower is composed of two volumes that look like wings soaring to the sky, creating a sense of movement as the facades of the lower volumes peel away from the upper volumes on both towers. This separation terminates in extensive sky gardens for each, a stunning outdoor amenity for the office users. Above, a 300-key hotel with a ballroom has views over the city. The elevated multi-level pedestrian plaza provides an urban hub for vibrant cultural events, revitalizing the Western portion of Taipei City.

Below-grade space includes pick up and drop off areas. An above-grade bridge connects to the Taipei train station, bus station and adjacent subway system, and reinterprets the the old arcade.

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