Territoria El Bosque

Client Territoria
Location Santiago, Chile
Status Completed in 2013

Territoria El Bosque brings greenery into the tower in the form of tree-boxes onto balconies on every third floor.

Territoria El Bosque is a 21-story tower LEED Gold office building in the Apoquindo neighborhood, the business and financial district of Santiago, Chile. The project includes 183,000 sq. ft. (17,000 m²) of Class A office space and 10,800 sq. ft. (1,000 m²) of retail space on the ground level. The project also includes below-grade parking for 370 cars.

Floor plans and building layout were designed to accommodate the needs of multinational firms, while also accommodating local practices for circulation and adjacencies.

Territoria El Bosque sits at an important intersection of Avenue Apoquindo and Avenue El Bosque Sur, marked by a 300-year old ceibo tree, which is a flowering tree found throughout South America. The tree has become a local landmark, and its size and beauty heavily influenced the building’s siting and architectural expression.

The Santiago climate is mild, and plants and greenery grows easily. The city has a history of incorporating landscaping into building design, and Territoria El Bosque was designed to pull the greenery concept up from the ceibo tree into the building itself, with circular tree-boxes on balconies on every third floor. The boxes house camphor trees, which are well suited for the exposure to high winds on the balconies; additionally, greenery is growing to wrap the balconies and move east along their exposures.

The building is designed in an L shape, with chamfered corners at the northeast and northwest corners to soften the street edge. Two different volumetric elements and their corresponding facades address their immediate contexts; a reflective silvery-blue glass covers the northern volume, while the southern volume incorporates a mesh screen into the facade, giving the building texture and distinctly breaking up the volume. The screens, which vary in opacity depending on which facade they sit, are placed slightly away from the building, which allows the light to play on the glass behind them.

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Design Architect

Design Partner(s)

Architect of Record - Plannea Arquitectura Don Carlos


Natalia Vial Vincent Pouzet