Two Blue Slip, Greenpoint Landing

Client Brookfield Properties, Park Tower Group
Location New York City, NY
Status Completed in 2020

Two Blue Slip is visually defined by a curving central core element that rises into an organic tower top.

Located on 22-acres of waterfront in Brooklyn, Greenpoint Landing transformed this formerly industrial area into a new multi-building development. The plan reestablished the neighborhood’s waterfront connection through the creation of new streets, new housing, new waterfront parks, and a new public school, all designed to integrate into Greenpoint’s already thriving, diverse community.

Two Blue Slip includes 421 rental units - 127 of which are designated affordable - in a 40-story tower. The tower sits atop a 3-level podium in a trapezoidal shape, designed to define the street wall and to relate in scale, texture and materiality to One Blue Slip across the street. A series of brick piers arranged in regular modules provide a rhythm of solid and void in the streetscape and form the framework for a system of divided-light windows and glass storefronts provided at the lobby and other entrances.

Above, the tower floorplate is slightly rotated from Commercial Street to maximize the views towards the East River and Midtown Manhattan. The tower is composed of three interlocking volumes; two rectangular shapes are offset from one another and connect to a curving central core element that rises past both volumes and defines the building top in an organic form. The two rectilinear forms each use thick banding to break down the massing, but are visually distinguished from one another through a varied use of brick and metal.

The completion of Two Blue Slip also includes the next phase of the Waterfront Access Plan which provides additional public access to the Greenpoint waterfront. Two Blue Slip is LEED Silver.

00 433 11 414 1 Blue Slip No Rights
00 433 11 413 2 Blue Slip
00 433 11 434 2 Blue Slip
00 433 11 440 2 Blue Slip
00 433 11 458 2 Blue Slip
00 433 08 019 Two Blue Slip
00 433 08 020 Two Blue Slip
00 433 11 102

The adjacent One Blue Slip, completed in 2018, uses the same material palette as Two Blue Slip, but is more rectilinear in form.

Greenpoint Mp 3

We also did the master plan for Greenpoint Landing, which made the waterfront accessible to the neighborhood.


2021 Finalist, Outdoor Space - NYCxDESIGN Awards


Design Architect Architect of Record Interior Designer (Residential Public Areas & Units)

Project Team

Gary Handel, Antonio Donofrio, Chun Hsu, Andrew Oberst, Blaine Campbell, Dilip Muralidharan, Esteban Penzo, Leo Mulvehill, Jingjing Zhao, Leigh Connors, Mazdak Jafarian, Raymond LeChase, Varsha Iyengar, Wen Yang, Yu Ping Hsieh, Yuan-Yu Chen

Design Partner(s)

Interior Designer (Lobby & Amenities) - Gachot Studios Landscape Architecture - James Corner Field Operations

Visualizations & Photography

QuallsBenson Field Condition

Building Certifications

LEED Silver