Vine Street

Client The Durst Organization
Location Philadelphia, PA
Status Under Construction

Vine Street creates a new architectural presence on the Delaware River, with expansive views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

Vine Street is a new residential tower adjacent to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. The 26-story tower will include 360 rental units, 10,000 SF of retail, amenities, and parking.

The northern end of the site will be maintained as public open space that engages with the waterfront. The building’s podium, at the southern end of the site, has been organized in order to maintain a visual connection from the Delaware River waterfront to the historic Wood Street Steps, which are the last remnant of a series of public staircases mandated by William Penn to ensure public access to the waterfront. Above, the tower bridges over this visual connection and is supported by angled concrete columns that define the building from below. The tower itself has been oriented to offer extraordinary western-facing views of the skyline of Center City while the eastern facade is serrated to maximize views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and the Delaware River. The façade expressions are distinct from one another yet visually relate: glass wraps the entire tower but is broken up by vertical masonry piers on the eastern side while the all-glass western face is interrupted by patterning that ties into the tower’s balconies.

Vine Street will be LEED Platinum. A third of the plot is being dedicated to open green space, including gardens to capture rainwater runoff, as well as a playground.

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Design Architect Architect of Record Interior Designer (units)

Project Team

Alfred To, Changhee Park, David Margolis, Gary Handel, Meari Kim, Ryan Wilson, Selina Kwan, Valeria Flores

Design Partner(s)

Interior Designer (public spaces) - Daroff Design Inc. Landscape Designer - Starr Whitehouse