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Meet Pierre-Yves Kuhn from our New York office!

Interviewed by Katie Donahue, Senior Associate at Handel Architects.

Tell us about yourself: what are some of your passions, hobbies and interests?

I grew up in Alsace, France near Basel, between the Vosges and the Swiss Alps. I’m into hiking/backpacking and snowboarding. It pretty much takes up most of my weekends all year round.

How did you become interested in architecture?

I became interested in architecture simply by being exposed to it in my travels in Europe as a teenager. I always loved geometry and felt I had a good sense of spatial representation.

How did you come to work here at Handel Architects? What is your role here as a Senior Associate?

I worked for Bernard Tschumi Architects before joining Handel Architects in 2017. Even though I grew as a designer I wanted to work on residential projects in the New York City area. Handel Architects seemed like a great fit for me. I am now a Senior Associate and Project Designer.

Can you tell us about a project you’re currently working on in the office and what you like most about it?

200 Spring Garden in Philadelphia, PA. It’s a mixed-use rental development on the east side of the city. 360 units, amenities, retail spaces & a 20,000 SF panoramic pool deck. We used dark grey and white brick for our facades as well as bronze corrugated metal panel at the base. Materiality plays a big role. The project opens up to the city and provides great rental units with fantastic views.

200 Spring Garden, Philadelphia, for which Mr. Kuhn is leading the architecture.

An activated ground level experience will include a pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined public plaza.

You are also a facilitator of one of our Whiteboard Groups. Can you talk about that?

Whiteboard Groups are a great way to connect with other folks in the office. I’m the facilitator for the Sports Group. We play volley ball, go bowling, climbing, etc.

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