Open House New York Selects Cornell Tech Campus as the recipient of its inaugural Open City Award.

Handel Architects is proud to announce that Open House New York (OHNY) has chosen the new Cornell Tech campus for its inaugural Open City Award. Congratulations to all of the firms involved!

The Open City Award is a new annual prize given by the board of Open House New York to recognize people and projects that embody the spirit of openness and access that Open House itself has championed for the past fifteen years. For the purposes of the award, openness is meant both literally–in that a project is physically open and welcoming to the community and the public–but as importantly, that it supports the ethos of New York as an open city, one that celebrates new people and ideas.

The award is being given to Cornell Tech for the exceptional quality of the architecture, the public spaces, and the innovative program that blurs boundaries between academia and industry.

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