The Cottage

Client Nasser Freres
Location Jersey City, NJ
Status Under Construction

The Cottage features an undulating glass facade with views back to Manhattan.

The Cottage is a new 622-unit mixed-use residential and office building located in the Journal Square area of Jersey City. The project is one of a number of new towers planned that will remake the Jersey City skyline.

The Cottage is visually split into two volumes in order to break up the building’s large massing, which extends along Cottage Street and turns the corner onto the Homestead Place Extension. The portion of the tower that fronts Cottage Street is an all glass façade that undulates in and out to create “bay windows” that will provide views back towards the waterfront and Manhattan beyond. A 3-story base along Cottage Street has been designed to visually relate to the existing three-story rowhouses in the neighborhood, and here the two-story windows are framed in metal panels which house the office program inside. Turning the corner onto the Homestead Place Extension, the second volume of the development is composed of one and two-story metal panel grids interlaced with one another. The ground floor here is proposed to house a variety of shops or restaurants that will enliven Homestead into a charming retail corridor.

Above, two roof decks will provide a variety of amenities including a bar, lawn deck, an outdoor movie screen with seating, sun deck, and pool and pool deck.

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Design Architect Architect of Record Interior Designer

Project Team

Gary Handel, Rick Kearns, Jessica Levine, Shima Miabadi, Akash Godbole, Jason Jiang, Rachael Kalousdian, Neha Sahai, Yong Jae Kim, YoungJoo Kim, Dimple Zeng, Joy Liu, Miu Luong